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Riding the Gravelton Spring Fling!

Fresh back from riding the Peddars Way in Norfolk, we decided to take part in the Gravelton Spring Fling - I mean, it would be rude not to as it’s on my doorstep!

The night before I headed to see Dave at Pickerings Bikes to get ride ready, by adding some knobblier gravel tyres for the occasion as I felt a little under-tyred on the Peddars Way on my Halo GXCs.

After so much prep, what could possibly go wrong?

Well it turns out a fair bit - as the Spring Fling ended up being the ride of many punctures for us all.

But aside from that, the route took in many sections we know but in a different loop which was brilliant!

Route planner Chris also snuck in a cheeky bit of Snibston Trail centre too - a lovely touch.

Gravelton has many rides it seems as they grow year on year, check them out here

Oh and I have to say I love the ethos of these rides, as there’s no frilly bits, just a chance to ride and chat with other like minded cyclists - which is all we really want right?…

The only shame was that the organiser got his dates mixed up and couldn’t make the ride - I hope we might get to meet him on the next one we attend.

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